Wild Tea

Free Grown Tea and  Wild Tea: with wild tea we mean tea that grows in the forest without being planted by people  and free grown Tea was planted from the seed of the wild tea in the forest long time ago for production of Miang (fermented fresh tea leafs for eating) This plant is always Camellia Sinensis Assamica that is a very strong plant with deeper roots. This plant doesn’t need any pesticide or fertilizer because it has a stronger natural defense (Tannins) than the normal tea plant and because of the bio dynamic vegetation the soil is fertile enough.

Wild  Teas

Jungle Oolong and Jungle Black: This wild tea comes from one of the highest mountains in Thailand situated in Fang , Chiang mai district

The tea is from a very rear tea variation with read spring buds and its made by the grandson and son of the 2 ex leader of the hill tribe Lahu with a long experience of tea making in Yunnan and Darjeeling.

His Father who had he origin in Yunnan started to plant the seeds from the wild tea that was growing in the mountains for his own personal use  sometimes in the 70th. There were no Miang plantations in this area.

The difference between the black and the Oolong is the processing of the tea, the black tea is fully oxidized and the oolong half oxidized.