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Welcome to Monsoon Tea Company!

Our sustainable tea

Monsoon Tea is dedicated to sustainable tea agriculture. All teas are sourced, grown and harvested in the least intrusive way as possible. We source from the area where Tea was born and from the original tea plant, Camelia Sinensis Assamica. This plant grows in Thailand in different ways:

Wild: this tea grows in the forest completely wild in the forest, without any human involvement.

Free Grown: this tea is planted in the forest long time ago, it grows together harmoniously with the forest and wildlife.

Tea in Thailand

Monsoon Tea has a flagship store located just outside the old city in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our sourced teas, including pure wild tea, are located in the northern border areas between Thailand and Myanmar .

Camellia Sinensis came to Thailand in late 1980s as an alternative for opium plantations.

85-90% of Thailand’s tea comes from Camellia Sinensis Assamica, the plantations are normaly planted from seeds of the wild tea that has its origin in Thailand, and mostly used for Miang production (food made from tea leaves) .

Growing in harmony

Regardless if our teas are growing wild in the forest, or in Thai plantations, we make sure the natural habitat of wildlife is undisturbed. We also work in collaboration with small communities, often hill tribes, that can get an income to there villages to maintain their traditional life style.

But we got more



We brew and serve our 60+ teas in several different ways: hot tea, iced tea, tea smoothies, kombucha and cocktails. We encourage you to try different styles, as flavours can be enhanced through various preperation methods.

We also serve food with a unique philosophy – each dish should be either food that tea pickers in the mountains would enjoy (Traditional Northern Thai Food) or food that is cooked with fresh or fermented tea leaves.


In our Shop we sell loose weight tea, including approximately 60 different sustainable teas from Thailand. We sell both flavoured and pure tea, which you can enjoy either prepared in-store, or take away for your home. We also offer a range of tea accessories like teapots, strainers, and gifts for family and friends.


We offer special courses in both general tea topics, as well as Thai-specific tea traditions. Classes are taught on-site in our Chiang Mai location.


Guests can participate in tours of our beautiful Thai plantations, where we will teach you how to pick and prepare tea, as well as the culture of our tea-pickers.