Monsoon Tea specializes in exceptional wild and free-grown tea from the hills of northern Thailand.

All of our teas come from the original undomesticated camellia sinensis assamica plant indigenous to the Thai highlands. It is an extremely rare tea used in less than one per cent of tea cultivation worldwide.

Characterized by a deep and naturally malty flavour, its rich taste stems from growing in harmony with diverse native plants and herbs in its natural habitat.

Unlike conventional plantation tea, Monsoon tea is grown in forests. This non-invasive cultivation method prevents deforestation and is one of the most sustainable ways of planting tea. This method is unique to northern Thailand and has been practiced for generations.

By maintaining the way Thai tea farmers have been planting and harvesting tea, Monsoon Tea is preserving age-old growing traditions. We let the tea thrive naturally with minimal human involvement. It is organically grown and free from herbicides and pesticides.

Enjoy the deep character of our wild teas or sample the full fragrant potpourri of our naturally flavoured teas.

Monsoon Tea’s unique focus lies on making exceptional teas using traditional and sustainable cultivation methods.

Our mission is to make these distinctively aromatic teas accessible to everyone while conserving the environment and its biodiversity.

We select only the best wild and free-grown teas to be savoured in pure or flavoured form. Enjoy the deep and full taste of our pure teas or sample our exciting house blends which are enhanced with natural fruit, flower and spice fragrances.